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Construction Projects

Pan & bam want to make the world a better place.

They would like you to be able to make places!

At panbamWORLD we are making a bunch of projects that you can work on.

Build panbam machines and characters then play with them –

  • Cardboard cutout characters & machines
    • Stick Velcro on the back and place pictures on a felt background
  • Dolls with movable parts for panbam storytelling and game playing
  • Stand-up figures for playing on a table with pan, bam & friends
  • Machines and buildings
    • Various scales
      • Toy sets
      • Trainsets
      • Matchbox towns
  • Patterns for sewing your own dolls
  • Plans for building wooden and cardboard box machines for dolls
NOTE: We have not made some of these things yet, and would love you to help us set up these services. We want everything to be easy to understand; so that small children can create cool stuff and learn!


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