7. Create – Outcome

Reach the final product or end result.

When creating the Outcome you can get feedback from key Stakeholders. It is best to present your Concepts, and Solutions to other people, and ask them to comment on the suitability of your design work.

* Listen closely to Stakeholder feedback, then use all of the information that you have gathered so far to adapt a final solution which solves problems outlined in the Brief.

The process of getting Stakeholder feedback is a key part of creating the Outcome. The final solution that you develop is most likely to be an improved adaption of solutions you have previously worked on.


  • Refer back to the Brief, reading over it to get a real understanding of what your design work is meant to be focused on.
  • Look closely at the Concepts and Solutions that you have worked on.
  • Look over your Research, and think about how to complete the project so that it will be desired by the target market, and appropriate whoever you are working with.
  • Keep referring back to the Brief, to make sure that your solution is actually solving the problem that you set out to solve!!
  • Use all of the insight that you have gained to create and present a polished solution.

NOTE: Make your work is presentable; so that you could get up in front of a group and sell it. Your research, concepts, and other development work will be very helpful here.



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