4. Plan – Research

Critique existing markets to inform the development of ideas.

Meaningful Research involves collecting information from a broad range of credible sources. Proper research also involves an element of independent thinking, but you must always involve exterior sources of information, then organise them to show that you know what you are talking about.

* You should always be able to link back to the original sources of information through referencing.


Use various information sources to build understanding about how existing developments can be improved –

  • Explore ways to make processes more efficient and reliable.
  • Collect information about the practices of others who are involved in the type of service that you are working to improve. Find out about systems that have been developed in the same field (learn about their successes and failures).
  • Investigate the economic influences that affect developments (profit & loss, materials used, manufacturing processes, sustainability, durability, etc).
  • Gather information about similar technologies, and the environments that they function in.
  • Understand the history of whoever you are studying; showing how past developments influence current and future markets.
  • Consider how their location affects the product distribution and services offered.
  • Understand what had to be considered to develop and offer the technology in a marketplace –
    • What knowledge, machinery, equipment, and resources were used to create the technology?
    • What physical resources and non-material resources [such as software, money, etc] were used?
  • Think what would happen if you made your idea bigger or smaller; by changing partnerships, through investment, potential new markets, or improved systems. Reflect on how these changes could affect the final product or service.
  • Think about the geographical location of others, and how this affects production and distribution.
  • Learn about how the product has been improved, and adapted over time. What changed? What stayed the same?
  • Consider the surrounding cultural & political factors involved in your developments.
  • Think about your service/s and the processes involved in making them work from start to finish.



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