Panbam Goes Back to School

By: Shane Wilson

One day panbam thought and thought.
He was working with children and computers.
He thought,
“I know what I can do – I can go back to school.
I’ll learn about design and teach at the University of Otago.”

Then panbam sent a letter to the University of Otago.
He told them he would like to apply for a top space to learn.
Two weeks later panbam got a letter back.
The letter stated, “You have been accepted to be a student.”

Panbam was pleased.
He thought that was awesome!
Then he read the dates that said he needed to be in Dunedin by September 14th 2012.
So panbam had to book a bus ticket from Invercargill to Dunedin.
Then he went around saying, “Bye, I’m going back to school.”
Panbam started to clean out all his gear.
Then he went to speak to some more people.
After that he went to the bus station.

Panbam got on the bus.
When he got to Dunedin panbam looked for a house to rent.
He went back to the University of Otago building.
Panbam lived happily ever after.


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