Panda Boy Gets His Wish

By: David Wilson

One day panda boy was coming back from the swimming pool.
As he was walking to work he said, “I wish I had a motorbike.”
So he kept it in his mind and went to work at the Southland Bottle Store.
After work, he got offered a Harley Davidson motorbike to buy for $550.

The next day he went back to work.
After work panda boy got paid $700.
So, he went back to see if the Harley was still for sale.

The guy called panbam said, “You’re just in time.”
Panbam sold the motorbike to panda boy.
When panda boy got the motorbike it had a full tank of gas.
So, he took it for a ride down to Bluff.

When panda boy stopped at Stirling Point a man called bamboo came up to panda boy with a camera.
He looked like he was very rich.
He said to panda boy, “Oh would you be free tomorrow panda boy?”
Panda boy said, “Ok!”
Then panda boy went home.

The next day panda boy woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning, so he could get ready for Stewart Island.
Time went fast, and he was on the motorbike by 6 o’clock.
Bamboo said, “Yay, you made it.”
And then they were on the way to Stewart Island.

On the way over they saw lots and lots of birds.
An hour later the boat was there.
Before panda boy got off, bamboo said, “We’ll stay here for about 8 hours, until it’s 3 o’clock. You’ll have to get back on time.”

When they were on the boat, bamboo took photos of the bike.
Then it was time to go back to Bluff.
They arrived back at 4 o’clock.

Panda boy said, “I better go and top up my tank.”
So he did when he got back to Invercargill.
Then he rode home and went to sleep.

The End


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