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What we want to do is come up with a series of inspiring animations involving pan, bam & friends CHARACTERS.

The idea behind sharing these files is to encourage remixes of the original panbam SOUNDTRACK (written by Matthew Thompson of Chinface Records).

pan & bam’s vision is explained here:

Here are the original tracks in .wav form:

Visual of original panbamSOUNDTRACK

Here are the .vsts audio samples that you can use:

Get the original Aodix music making software here (for use on computers running Windows XP & Windows 7):

Download the panbamSOUNDTRACK-v1 project file here:

It will be valuable to have someone pull the song apart and make a series of separate exported .wav files, sample sounds, etc. (so that the song can be rebuilt in any software package).
NOTE: Aodix projects only render to .raw file. You can open it in audacity and save to wav/flac/mp3/ogg what ever from there.

When you have made a remix, please email us, so we can start a new thread making all of the relevant audio files available.
Choose whatever software you want, be creative, share ideas, make suggestions!

We envisage making panbamREMIXES of different styles..
eg: DubStep, DnB, Jazz, Solo instrument renditions, etc.

This is the first ever panbam animation:

We are aiming to release the files and build a collaborative culture; where the stories of panbam can be illustrated by teams of people who want to share!



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