People decided to set PAN panda and his mum and dad free from prison (the zoo). When he got home, the baby panda loved being in nature – but he felt incomplete. PAN‘s life became more balanced and full of joy when he made friends with BAM boy.

Panda & Boy MeetPan panda came from the zooZookeepers gave him freedomPan went home to ChinaHome was happy but lonelyBam boy lived with his parentsThe little boy liked campingBam went search for joyThen pan rolled into his day


Panda & Boy Meet
Pan panda came from the zoo.
Zookeepers gave him freedom.
Pan went home to China.
Home was happy but lonely.
Bam boy lived with his parents.
The little boy liked camping.
Bam went search for joy.
Then pan rolled into his day.


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