PAN & BAM are best friends with a vision. They are interested in sustainability and developing new ways to make use of our world’s resources. In living by example, the characters are developing a stationery company – resuing paper, plastic, metal & fabric.

About pan & bamPan is a panda bearHis best friend is bam boyThey have other cartoon buddies tooPan & bam care for the worldPan is an innovative recyclerBam makes note pads & booksThey reuse paper, plastic, metal & fabricPan & bam are friends on a missionTheir adventure makes the world better


About PAN & BAM
Pan is a panda bear.
His best friend is bam boy.
They have other cartoon buddies too.
Pan & bam care for the world.
Pan is an innovative recycler.
Bam makes note pads & books.
They reuse paper, plastic, metal & fabric.
Pan & bam are friends on a mission.
Their adventure makes the world better.


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